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Guita is a talented designer, an avid adventurer, a seasoned traveler, always in search of exceptional gems for crafting new and exciting pieces.  While Guita’s design philosophy favors simplicity and elegance, the world of jewelry offers her infinite creative possibilities for her to be daring with her pieces.

Before deciding on the path to designing jewelry, Guita worked for many years in the fashion and beauty industries, which gave her the opportunity to learn about quality, craftsmanship and mostly importantly creativity.  But designing jewelry has been a passion for a long time, and it took a few years to learn the art of model making, casting and navigating the labyrinths of this fascinating business before sharing this passion with friends and family and, finally, the public.

Guita has been creating her unique collections and one-of-a kind pieces in New York since 2007 and she is working closely with local artisans to realize her designs and turn them into impeccable pieces of jewelry.  From the onset, Guita’s collection has been using the colors offered by gems and the possibilities of creating pieces from a wide variety of stones.  Guita is focused on designing with materials that are unique and her works are a mix of statement pieces, fun jewels and unusual gemstones, all indicative of who Guita is: an adventurer and explorer. 

Her designs offer women individuality and exclusivity and her unique pieces are represented by Muse Showroom in NYC.